Data Warehouse/BI Practise

Data Warehouse/BI Practice

Companies are undergoing a transformation from traditional spreadsheets and reporting systems to advanced Business Intelligence (BI) platforms. This shift is aimed at enhancing analytical and planning capabilities, ensuring consistent information views across users, automating data inputs from diverse sources, and improving data accuracy. This transition not only impacts internal operations but also extends its influence across supply chain networks. Data integration becomes crucial in this context, as companies grapple with the challenge of connecting relevant information necessary for timely decision-making.

BI tools play a pivotal role in enabling end-users to identify and address issues that might have remained hidden within extensive data sets, leading to significant improvements in organizational productivity and effectiveness. BI Dashboards provide users with real-time monitoring of critical parameters and enable them to identify crucial data trends.

AV Enterprise's BI practice is dedicated to assisting our customers in implementing comprehensive BI solutions. We offer a diverse range of services across various BI platforms, including Oracle (Hyperion), SAP/Business Objects, MicroStrategy, SAS, and Informatica. By leveraging these platforms, we empower businesses to harness the power of data and gain valuable insights for informed decision-making.

What We Do

As part of our Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence practice, we offer a range of services to design, develop, and implement the following:
  • Corporate Performance Management systems
  • Data warehouse / data marts
  • Data extraction, transformation and loading from disparate systems
  • BI Reports, Graphs & Charts
  • Text mining systems

The aforementioned services are flexibly delivered either onsite or offshore, depending on the specific requirements of our customers. Our offshore-based delivery center plays a key role in our service delivery, allowing us to maintain cost-efficiency without compromising the overall effectiveness of the engagement.

By leveraging our offshore capabilities, we ensure that our clients receive high-quality solutions that align with their objectives while also optimizing the cost structure of the services provided. This strategic approach enables us to offer a tailored and efficient delivery model that meets the diverse needs of our clients in the realm of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.

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