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Managed Services

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Outsourcing of infrastructure maintenance and system administration services is growing at a rapid pace. Many medium and large sized organization are finding that such outsourcing helps them not only reduce costs, but also improve their overall service levels. Companies can easily cut down the operations and management costs by 40 – 60%. Such outsourcing also helps companies unlock their internal IT potential and focus their critical resources on new initiatives that will lead to business benefits.

AV Enterprise has developed strong expertise in managed services. We are currently providing managed services to some very important medium and large sized organizations. Some of the services involve 24×7 support.

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What we do

The important services we provide are as follows:

  • Level 1 / Level 2 / Help Desk Support
  • Application Monitoring and support
  • Database monitoring and support
  • Securities and Privileges management
  • Storage support services
  • Network administration

These services can be provided either through client’s own infrastructure or through a dedicated facility at A.V.Enterprise’s facilities.

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